Drug alert: 23 out of 648 samples declared as NSQ in May 2021

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The Central Drugs Standard Control Organisation (CDSCO) in its monthly surveillance report pan-India has declared 625 as standard quality (SQ) based on analysis and testing done on 648 in May 2021 done through its random sampling exercise.

It concluded that there were 23 samples (22 legal and one survey sample) which were declared as not of standard quality (NSQ).

The manufacturers of the drugs are based in West Bengal, Himacha Pradesh, Sikkim, Uttrakhand, Telangana, Maharshtra, Rajashtna, Madhya Pradesh, Punjab and Uttar Pradesh.

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For details of drugs, its B. No and manufactured by etc can be downloaded by clicking the below link

All the samples mentioned in the above list found not of standard quality based on the analysis done by Central Drugs Laboratory (CDL) Kolkata, Central Drugs Testing Laboratory (CDTL) Chennai, Central Drugs Testing Laboratory (CDTL) Mumbai, Regional Drugs Testing Laboratory (RDTL) Chandigarh and Regional Drugs Testing Laboratory (RDTL) Guwahati.

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