FDA raids 16 Medical Stores for violation of D&C Rules

The raid team did not confiscate any medicine from the stores, but seized bill books, prescription registers, and other documents.


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Tightening the noose around medical stores that sell medicines without valid prescriptions, a surprise raid was conducted in 16 medical stores in Srivilliputhur in Viruthunagar district in southern Tamil Nadu by the Special Investigation Team (SIT) formed by the director of the state drugs control department.

The director was acting on a tip-off he received two days ago. Followed by that, he constituted a special team of officials without involving officers from the local area, and conducted the raid on all the medical stores in the small town.

Officials from the department said the directorate is taking legal action against the license holders for contravention of provisions of sale licenses.

The raid team did not confiscate any medicine from the stores, but seized bill books, prescription registers, and other documents.

However, not any not of standard quality (NSQ) or date expired or spurious or substandard drugs were found in the raid in any of the stores, but violations of provisions of Rule 65 (9) (a) of the drug act were galore.

The director of drugs control administration, S. Sivabalan, said the department got the information about the contravention last week and it was found that violations of Rule 65 were spiraling in the southern districts of the state for the last two years because of the C-19 pandemic and the lockdown.

He said most of the medicines the retailers were selling in Srivilliputhur thru their stores were habit forming drugs. The department will take legal action against the pharmacies as per the Indian Drug Act and the Rules.

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When C-19 was announced in March 2020, the directorate of drug control administration became more vigilant and swung into action. All the drug inspectors and ADC offices were given strict instructions to conduct raids in all medical stores and report to the head office.

The initiative was to restrain people from indulging in self-medication during the pandemic period as people with mild and moderate symptoms of C-19 and even asymptomatic were going to the medical stores asking for scheduled category drugs along with paracetamol.

Further, all the retail pharmacies were informed not to sell any prescription drugs along with OTC drugs.

However, several medical stores in many areas violated the direction of the department and sold scheduled category drugs without doctors’ prescriptions. Finding contravention of rules, the department formed special squads, conducted raids at various times, and initiated actions.

In May and June of last year, in a statewide raid, the sleuths of the drug control department initiated legal action against 85 medical stores for breach of Rule 65.

At that time, most of the cases were registered against the medical stores for selling ivermectin, azithormycin, doxycycline, amoxicillin, and other antibiotics, along with paracetamol tablets.

In October 2021, following information from the intelligence wing of the department, a special squad was formed by the director and conducted surprise raids in the Theni district and initiated action against selling drugs without a prescription.

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