2-yr-old girl dies after injection: Chemist arrest

Chemist offered to administer an intra-venous paracetamol to the child.

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Picture: Pixabay

New Delhi: A two-year-old child died after being injected with a medicine at a pharmaceutical shop. The child’s parents had approached the chemist, who suggested that they should avoid consulting a doctor for a small ailment and instead injected her with the medicine.

By the time the parents took her home, she was unconscious. Later, they reached GTB Hospital with her, where she was declared dead. The chemist has been arrested for causing death due to negligence.

Muskan’s mother, who works as a labourer in Shahdara, told the cops that she had been suffering from fever and chest congestion for the past few days due to which she had gone to the medical shop nearby to ask for the whereabouts of a local doctor.

However, the chemist, Manish Raja, insisted on treating her with some tablets.

However, after having the tablets, her condition deteriorated, due to which the woman again approached Raja on Thursday. This time, he offered to administer an intra-venous paracetamol to the child.

The child’s mother told the cops that she turned cold within 10-15 minutes, after which she was taken to the hospital.