Health check: an important issue for everyone

Doctors recommend annual check-ups for all people, half-yearly for people over 40, and quarterly for people over 60

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When was the last time you were at a clinic for a daily health check?

Ideally, all folks got to enter for a daily full-body health scan every so often.

Doctors recommend annual check-ups for all people, half-yearly for people over 40, and quarterly for people over 60, albeit there are not any known health issues.

If anyone features a chronic health condition like diabetes, thyroid issues, vital sign or any of the hundred things that would fail with one’s body, then there’s a particular requirement for ongoing monitoring and management.

Chances then, are that you simply probably choose these health checks quarterly, if you’re an honest patient, and in any case, a minimum of once a year.

While the primary visit or two could be nerve wracking, after the primary few visits, you get to understand the routine rather well, become quite conversant in the staff and perhaps even really friendly with them. 

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You recognize them by their look, might even know them by name and definitely smile at the staff with a way of recognition and familiarity, and that they very likely return the heat, albeit the place is crowded and you recognize they’ll not really know you or remember you personally.

It is the rare patient that is still cold and aloof in such places, and therefore the rarer doctor, nurse or staff that’s curmudgeonly in such an area . 

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Albeit it’s a clinic, there’s little that’s clinical about such places, with the staff acting as if they were indulgent teachers during a preschool and therefore the patient behaving as if they were naughty children hoping to urge the approval of their elders within the class.

The family of the patient assume the role of oldsters in such situations, directly protective of their ward while at an equivalent time, behaving just like the guardian of the patient.

It is evident in how the staff and therefore the patient check out the blood and other body function test results.

It’s hardly different from how they could have behaved during a parent-teachers meeting once they were in grade school. 

Once you treat your body with this much regularity of look after its health, what wouldn’t it be like if you took similar look after your mind, and more to the purpose, how wouldn’t it be if you checked in on your relationships during this manner with regular checkups, and if you discover any issues, then to actually work on it?

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Love and relationships are like all other function in our lives.

They will be running along peacefully for an extended time, and you never know that some issues are cooking below the surface till they explode, like how we’d discover an underlying vital sign issue or diabetes quite suddenly, or discover there’s a rather off heartbeat during a regular ECG as a part of an annual checkup .

Issues in our relationships might not be readily apparent.

Maybe we’d like regular health checks for love also .

By Mahesh Natarajan
The author is a counsellor with InnerSight.

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