Covid-19 scare: Public Need not wear masks: KGMOA

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Picture: Pixabay

THRISSUR: Even as the residents of villages too wear masks to prevent Covid-19 infection, experts say that the public do not need to wear masks. The doctors say that only social distancing and washing hands or sanitising will prevent the Covid-19 infection. Experts pointed out that improper wearing will create more issues.

Kerala Government Medical Officers’ Association (KGMOA) state secretary Dr G S Vijayakrishan said, “Only the doctors and paramedical staffs who treat the patients, Covid-19 patients and other health staffs who treat the patients, any persons having symptoms and the family members who are treating them should wear masks. But now all people wear masks without proper information”.

“The public mask wearing habit creates a huge shortage of the masks in the market. Some people also wear N95 masks which are designed for health officials too,” said Vijayakrishan.

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Dr Sulphi Noohu, state vice-president, Kerala chapter of IMA said, “As per WHO direction there is no need for public to wear the masks. After the spread of Covid-19 in Kerala most of the people started panic buying in an attempt to prevent Covid-19 infection.”

“Only if you have any symptoms you have to wear it so that it will not spread to another person. The public wearing of mask is high risk because if you go near a Covid-19 patient and your mask gets contaminated by the virus and the rate of transmission is higher. When they touch their eyes, and nose the virus enters their body. So, if you are not used to wearing masks it’s better not to go for it,” said Noohu.

“If the people use masks improperly it will increase the chances of infection. No community spread was confirmed in the state and in the present situation the public need not wear masks.” said Noohu.

By: Sandeep Thomas