Blood donation cycle must go on: HM

Collection of blood from healthy donors is essential to meet the requirements during Covid-19.

Picture: Pixabay

New Delhi: In an order issued, the ministry of health and family welfare said that under Section 22 of the Disaster Management Act, 2005, all district magistrates and their counterpart deputy commissioners of Delhi Police would facilitate unhindered movement of blood mobile vans and transportation vans. They would also ensure movement of voluntary blood donors.

The ministry issued the order while expressing serious concern over the shortage of blood collection from healthy voluntary donors due to various restrictions during the lockdown. Collection of blood from healthy donors was essential to meet the requirements of thalassemic children, pregnant women and other emergency cases like blood transfusion even during this period, the letter said.

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The letter stated that the state blood transfusion councils had taken all necessary steps to maintain adequate stocks of safe and tested blood by judiciously continuing blood donation activities, but were facing difficulties in getting permission for movement of mobile blood vans and blood transportation vans and voluntary blood donors.