Medicine home delivery & testing services

Now users of Snapdeal can order medicines online, with a valid prescription through this partnership

Medicine online
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Medicine home delivery & testing services

New Delhi: E-health startup Medlife has partnered with e-commerce firm Snapdeal to enable users to order medicines and avail full body health check-ups and curative diagnostic tests.

Medlife, Snapdeal partner to bring medicine delivery & testing services
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Now users of Snapdeal can order medicines online, with a valid prescription through this partnership. Medlife’s delivery personnel, equipped with the necessary safety equipment, will deliver the order at the customer’s doorstep within 24 hours following order confirmation.

Diagnostic tests

With a vast array of tests on offer, including diabetes screening and thyroid profiling tests, Medlife also seeks to encourage, at-risk patients and those with chronic conditions, to take up essential tests from the comfort of their homes during this difficult time. In addition to this, there is also the option of testing for COVID-19 at home, for users of Snapdeal, undertaken through the association with Medlife, if patients meet certain criteria.

“The availability of lab tests and medicines on Snapdeal serves a crucial need of our users and offers them a safe way to fulfil their medical needs. With Medlife’s reach, we will bring the convenience of medical testing from home and medicine delivery to our users in more than 400 big and small cities across India,” said Snapdeal spokesperson.

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Sample collection

After scheduling a test through Snapdeal’s platform, a certified-and-trained phlebotomist from Medlife will arrive at a pre-decided time slot to collect samples. There are no any additional charges for sample collection and test results are shared within 48 hours in most cases.

“Medlife’s partnership with Snapdeal is an initiative undertaken not only to accelerate consumers’ transition to online platforms for purchasing medicines and diagnostic lab tests, but also to encourage social distancing from the perspective of safety. With millions of users, Snapdeal is an ideal partner to help bring Medlife’s affordable healthcare services into the homes of anxious patients, who are putting themselves at risk by delaying essential tests,” said, Bhavesh Singhal, Head of Revenue, Medlife.

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