Skincare While Wearing Mask

Most face masks have a tight facial fit that prevents the virus to enter the respiratory system

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Skincare While Wearing Mask

Institute of Skin Integrity and Infection Prevention, University of Huddersfield, United Kingdom, has published a study that talks about skin problems caused by face coverings. Most face masks have a tight facial fit that prevents the virus to enter the respiratory system but, at the same time, it also creates friction and pressure on the skin.

How the skin responds to this 

● Moisture, saliva and sebum get trapped inside the mask. This leads to a pH imbalance.
● Humidity and heat increases perspiration that causes skin problems.
● Once we remove the mask, the sudden gush of air often over dries the skin.

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What you should remember before and after

● Washing the face after using it is a must. 
● Wash your face immediately. Use a mild, sulphate-free facial cleanser to remove sweat and grime from face. Ingredients like neem and turmeric have excellent anti-bacterial effects. Wash for at least 60 seconds.

● Use a light moisturiser. Apply a gel-based one 30 minutes before using a mask. This will reduce the friction on the skin. Choose a product with ingredients such as sandalwood oil and aloe vera that are cooling in nature.
● Avoid wearing makeup under the mask. Use eye makeup instead, such as kohl, eyeliners and mascara.
● Foundations with harmful chemicals like silicones, under humidity, increases sebum and causes acne so they are best avoided.

● Use an alcohol-free toner to minimise pores and maintain pH balance of the skin. Ingredients like rose and cucumber help in calming skin irritation.
● Avoid application of astringent on the skin as this will cause excessive drying and irritation.
● Use a gentle scrub to exfoliate once in a week. This helps in removing dead skin and blackheads, and minimises the risk of bacterial growth. Ingredients such as rock salt and apricots are great. 

By Vedika Sharma,
The author is the Founder and Director at Mantra Herbal