Balance these bacteria in your body

They are mostly from the bacterial family which is needed for the overall health and well-being.

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Balance these bacteria in your body

CHENNAI: Gut microbes are the millions of microorganisms present in the intestinal tract. They are mostly from the bacterial family which is needed for the overall health and well-being. They help in digesting food, and absorbing and synthesising nutrients.

Importance of microbes

● They begin to develop in early stages of development and are influenced by age, stress, illness, medications and diet.
● An imbalance in gut microbes that is a combination of healthy and unhealthy bacteria will promote inflammation inside the body which results in physical disorders.
● The gut microorganisms act as a defense mechanism against harmful microorganisms, and improve immunity.

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● Gut microbes can also impact heart health.
● It helps in releasing body toxins.
● There has been research and findings stating that a healthy gut leads to improved cognitive functions and behaviours.
● Imbalance in gut microorganisms is called gut dysbiosis and it may relate to weight gain, and can also lead to obesity. If the gut health is maintained well, it will be beneficial for weight loss and fat loss.
● The harmful bacteria cause bloating, acidity and irritable bowel syndrome.Advertisement

Maintain a healthy gut

● Consuming fermented foods like curd, yogurt, buttermilk and kefir can reduce the amount of harmful microorganisms.
● Consume prebiotic foods like apple, banana, oats, garlic and onions, which stimulate the growth of healthy bacteria.
● Antibiotics can kill both good and bad bacteria, hence take antibiotic medicines only if prescribed by the physician.

● Reduce stress and maintain good sleep cycle.
● Indulge in any physical activity which helps in weight maintenance and heart health.
● Consume a diverse variety of fruits and vegetables every day. Every individual’s gut is different. So with proper balanced food one can maintain a healthy gut and stay away from illnesses. The food we eat not only provides us energy but it is also the food for the microorganisms that live in your gut.  Include prebiotic fibres and fermented foods with probiotics, as you make progress on the path towards a
healthy gut.

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