No need to afraid of Covid-19: Article

If you think you have been exposed to and have developed any symptoms (Cough, fever and difficulty in breathing) call the Govt. of India Helpline 1075.

Corona Virus
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As the Covid-19 panaedemic has developed in late 2019, so have the treatments used by medical experts to fight it. Various drugs and therapies are being trailed with the hope of reducing deaths.

Blood Thinning Medication:- COVID 19 patients develops purple rashes with swollen limbs and risk of sudden death and concluded that blood clot were a common and often complication with COVID 19 patients, so the doctors are applying blood thinning medications.

Moving patients on their front i.e. laid on Stomachs:- Moving patients laid on stomachs, pressure on their lungs was relieved, making it easier for blood to reach different parts of the lungs improving their functionality. The technique is useful in delaying incubation also.

Steroids and Antivirals:- On the top appear to be the antiviral remdesvir and steroid dexamethasone “having a mortality benefits”, a low dose steroid injected I.V., declared standard treatment in many parts of world especially in old age patients (60 years).

Antiviral Drug Remdesvir:- This drug is Antiviral drug is far cheaper than alternatives. An antiviral medication was used to combat Hepatitis-C, Ebola and now Covid-19, proved effective in shortening stay in hospitals.

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Convalescent Plasma:- Very promising treatment containing antibodies.

Oximeters:- Pulse oximeter has proved to be one of the most practical tool for those suspecting viruses, can monitor before going hospitals.

How it works:- The non-intrusive device attaches to the end of any figure it measures oxygen levels in the blood by firing beams of light through the skin calculating the blood-oxygen levels based on light-absorption.

Why it is needed:- +ve patients can experience a sudden drop in blood oxygen levels, which can result in abnormal circulation and shortness of breath. It can spot deterioration in patients.

Anti Arthritis drugs :- The drugs used in the treatment of arthritis have been found useful in the treatment of COVID 19 also .

Homeopathic drug Arsenicum album 30:- This drugs is found to be useful against COVID 19 treatment, but has become a subject of debate after several states recommended it for prophylacetic (preventive) use against COVID 19. It is made by heating arsenic with distilled water for several times.

Masks and Social Distancing:- It is found that the effective use of good masks and maintaining social distancing of atleast 6 Feet(about two arms length) can prevent the spread of virus in 90% cases.

Above all Explore your kitchen:-

I. Use Tulsi (Natural antiviral on earth), Dalchini, Kalimirchi.
II. Regularly consume hot water and Steam
III. Lubricate your nostrils with coconut oil/til oil.
IV. Eat Amla, Aloevera, giloye and turmeric.

If you think you have been exposed to novel Corona virus (Covid-19) and have developed any symptoms (Cough, fever and difficulty in breathing) call the Govt. of India Helpline 1075 (it works).

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