Biopharma-Hub to be ready by 2021-end

B-Hub will address the need for a post incubation centre for companies

Biopharma-Hub to be ready by 2021-end

Last Updated on September 9, 2020 by The Health Master

Biopharma-Hub to be ready by 2021-end

HYDERABAD: Two years after the announcement of India’s first post incubation centre in Hyderabad for companies in the biotechnology sector called Biopharma Hub or B-Hub, the State government has finally commenced works for the same. The 40,000 sq ft facility is to be built at an estimated cost of Rs 60 crore and will be operational in the next 15 months, say officials.

B-Hub will address the need for a post incubation centre for companies. As of now, a tender has been floated for selecting a partner, after which construction of the facility will commence within a month. The tender document reads, “In general, the incubation period of such start-ups ranges from two-three years. Given the long gestation period needed for biopharma sector, it is important to have post-incubation lab spaces available for biopharma companies dedicated to their enhanced needs.”

In India, there is a dearth of facilities where biotechnology companies can produce their innovations in medium quantities for testing before they finally move on to a separate facility for production.

Speaking to Express, Director of Life Sciences, Industries Department, Shakti Nagappan said, “Lack of infrastructure for producing biological materials for pre-clinical testing is a major deterrent in the country today. B-Hub scale-up facility promises to support of the growth of Biopharmaceutical industry.”

Nagappan said that this gap was identified by the government and B-Hub will provide a facility with a capacity of 200 litre, where companies can produce their material and go for pre-clinical testing.

Another area where B-Hub will be useful is in the development of biological material that uses mammalian cell culture. “We already have a similar facility with microbial bioreactors as part of Genome Valley. B-Hub will be a single-use mammalian cell culture facility,” he said.

What B-Hub entails

  •     Closed lab suites with in-lab workstations
  •     Loop corridor with shared support
  •     100 per cent fresh air for chemistry suites
  •     Multiple air handlers and exhaust fans
  •     Optimise grids for space layout and structure

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