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Friends, everything is not that much green. There are many pitfalls and some disadvantages also

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Lifestyle and Health

I have seen the era when the mode of treatment was in the hands of Sadhus, Tantriks, Quacks and some Herbal medicines to the enormous advancements in medicine and technology. Science and technology has done wonders in dealing with various serious ailments in diagnosis and treatment. It has done wonders in controlling many dreaded communicable diseases. Surgery for many thought to be untreatable diseases. It has decreased the morbidity and mortality rates in many deceases.

Friends, everything is not that much green. There are many pitfalls and some disadvantages also. Science has made our lifestyle fast, but this speed has lead to a number of lifestyle diseases like:

  • Cardiac problems (Heart attack, heart failure, Blood Pressure or Hypertension),
  • Brain Strokes,
  • Neurological problems (Paralysis, Headaches, Vertigo)
  • Psychological,
  • Anxieties,
  • Depression,
  • Genetic,
  • Congenital diseases,
  • Joint problems,
  • Diabetes,
  • Obesity
  • Respiratory problems like Allergies, Asthma,
  • Liver & Kidney diseases.

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Every year there is a new type of viral infection for which either there is no medicine or these are resistant to medicines. 

Above all new dangerous diseases like various types of cancers, envirinmental, occupational diseases, which are difficult to treat are on the rise and are occurring in children as well. Then there are allergic reactions and complications of many drugs also.Despite so many Hospitals, Doctors, Health Care Facilities, the number of new diseases are increasing Day by day. The number of diseases and sufferings were not up to that extent and not that fatal as it’s today. Many a diseases were self limiting. What is the reason for all this…?


1. No respect for own health
2. People have time and money for their Luxuries, car, house, mobiles, but not for body in which we are going to live till death. 
3.We earn money at the cost of our health and then spend the same money to recuperate health. 
4.We have forgotten that Health is the real Wealth
5. Luxurious Lifestyle 
6. No time for Exercise
7. Bad Dietary Habits & Timings, addiction to smoking & drinking
8. Poor Time Planning 
9. Personal & Environmental Hygiene 
10. No proper time for Rest and Sleep

How to remain Healthy, fit &  disease free

1. Awareness about your body. Give as much importance  to your health as you give to your Luxuries 
2. Biannual Health Check Ups Like our car etc, our body also possesses three filters.
(A) Air filter (Nose), most important, as we can’t live for more than 5 minutes without air
(B). Fuel (Oil) filter is Mouth, So use good quality of food. No smoking, gutka, hard drinks, harmful drugs
(C) Sound Filter (Ear)Avoid noise pollution 
3. Take fresh, natural & healthy foods. No fried, junk food
4. Plenty of water and fluids
5. Five fruits per day
6. Laughter, enjoy company of family and friends
7. Seven hour sleep
8. Keep one hour for walk, yoga and exercise
9. Take care of your personal and environmental hygiene
10. Keep a regular check on your weight, BP and other routine tests

Take care of your body, it’s the only place where you live. The only person who can help you is YOU.

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