Grant Jan Aushadhi licenses to registered pharmacists only: CDSCO

Based on the claim made by the KSRPO, the CDSCO office has requested the state authority to examine the matter in its jurisdiction and take appropriate action

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Last Updated on September 17, 2020 by The Health Master

In response to a letter sent by the Karnataka State Registered Pharmacists Organisation (KSRPO) to Prime Minister Narendra Modi informing about the sale of medicines at the Jan Aushadhi stores without a registered pharmacist, the Central Drugs Standard Control Organisation (CDSCO) has issued a letter to the Karnataka state drug controller requesting to examine the matter and take appropriate action. It has also asked the authority to issue Jan Aushadhi shop licenses to registered pharmacists only.

A letter issued by Dr PBN Prasad, Joint Drug Controller (India) to the state drug controller of Karnataka stated that the office has received a letter from the President of KSRPO expressing various concerns with regards to the Jan Aushadhi medical stores. Citing KSRPO’s letter, the CDSCO’s letter also mentioned that most of the Jan Aushadhi shops do not have a regular registered pharmacist.

And under the Rule 65 (11-A), Jan Aushadhi shops are allowed to substitute Schedule -H drugs, whereas other medical shops are strictly banned from giving substitutes and these shops are also selling general items, which are not permitted to sell by them.

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Based on the claim made by the Karnataka State Registered Pharmacist’s Organisation, the CDSCO office has requested the state authority to examine the matter in its jurisdiction and take appropriate action. Besides this, it has also asked the state drug controller to intimate about the action taken in this matter to the CDSCO office.

Commenting on CDSCO’s letter, Ashokswamy Heroor, President, Karnataka State Registered Pharmacists Association, said, “This is a national level problem, it is not only restricted to Karnataka. It has been addressed to only the Drug Controller of Karnataka, but it also needs to be addressed to drug controllers of all States and Union Territories.

We are optimistic that the State Drugs Control Department officers should take action in this regard and for that they have to check the irregularities with Jan Aushadhi centres. And if the officers fail to check this, our association will file a petition (PIL) in the High Court.”

Earlier, through the letter, KSRPO had also pointed out about the sale of branded generic medicines from the Jan Aushadhi stores instead of pure generic medicines. Though the Central authority has asked the state regulating body to take necessary action on a few issues raised by KSPRO it is yet to address the issue pertaining to the sale of branded generics instead of pure generics from Jan Aushadhi stores.

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