Combination drugs market: A rising trend

Today, herbal medicinal products are getting global importance because of their health benefits.

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Last Updated on December 7, 2020 by The Health Master

There is a rising trend in healthcare where patients from across the globe are opting for natural remedies either as an adjunct or as the main line of treatment. 

While pharma sales have shown a decline in 2020, the sales for nutraceutical supplements, ayurveda and homoeopathy have grown. By some estimates, these wellness categories are earning 25 per cent of global pharma spend. 

Today, herbal medicinal products are getting global importance because of their health benefits. Their demand is going to increase because of the increased interest of consumers in natural products, as they are considered safer and more viable long term than synthetic drugs.

This past decade especially has witnessed a tremendous surge in acceptance and public interest in natural therapies both in developing and developed countries, with these herbal remedies being available not only in drug stores but now also in food stores and supermarkets.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), up to four billion people (representing 80 per cent of the global population) living in developing countries rely on herbal medicines as the principal source of health care and traditional medical practice that involves the use of herbs.

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The natural medicine of today is more potent owing to advanced extracting methods. The innovation has incorporated small doses of various herbs into one pill, natural gummies, QD (Quick Dissolve) tablets, herbal teas, sprays and syrups which are easy to consume and equally effective.

In addition, we have learned how the combination works and if it interacts with the other substance of the medication. Studies have also shown that natural medicines can be complemented by other medicines.

It is now well accepted that natural medicine can serve as an effective adjunct for almost every single ailment and health interest. Furthermore, herbs and dietary supplements derived from food rarely if ever have any drug interactions. Hence both patients and doctors are readily accepting them and prescribing them to improve quality of life daily. 

Categories where we see this the most are immunity, C-19, herpes, pain management, diabetes and high blood pressure. Products and ingredients that have shown groundbreaking results in trials include hyperisince, Immunofree, Reginmune, Cronisol D, Neuralease, Diasolve and Bipsolve. 

During the last nine months of the coronavirus pandemic, a sufficient number of cases have been reported supplementing C-19 treatment with natural medicine. Data emerging from multiple locations has recorded a decline in mortality rates in the states and countries who have incorporated natural medicine for immune balancing and to aid recovery from C-19.

Goa and Kerala both have 1/10th the mortality rate of neighbouring states. Madagascar, Central African Republic, Ghana and other countries which adopted C-19 Organics have seen tremendous results compared to other African countries that did not adopt the natural treatment. 

Therefore, this is no longer a tide that can be ignored as the patient’s belief system has shifted. Hence doctors and pharma companies that adopt, incorporate and offer these natural adjuncts will come out ahead in the near future. 


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