Cold chain solutions for vaccines launched in India

The company’s advanced cold chain technologies will help address the challenges of C-19 vaccine distribution in India.

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Last Updated on January 8, 2021 by The Health Master

Thermo King, by Trane Technologies has launched its expanded portfolio of cold chain solutions in India, which can keep vaccines at temperatures from a range of +25 degrees Celsius to as low as -70 degrees Celsius.

The company’s advanced cold chain technologies will help address the challenges of C-19 vaccine distribution in India.

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Allen Ge, president of Trane Technologies in the Asia Pacific said, “Our recently launched SuperFreezers were initially developed to flash-freeze high-end seafood. Our teams quickly adapted and developed a good solution for C-19 vaccines transport, which require ultra-cold temperatures to prevent degradation.”

C-19 vaccine distribution is expected to start in India in the coming weeks, following the central government’s announcement of guidelines for states and Union territories for the distribution of vaccines once they become available.

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Thermo King’s end-to-end transport and storage solutions are flexible and able to scale up and down based on demand. The SuperFreezers can provide transport and storage capability with an ultra-low setpoint of -70C and can store up to 60 times more doses compared to traditional reach-in freezers in use today, informed the company through a statement.

Now, Thermo King products are being used by transport companies such as FedEx and UPS which are directly involved in the transport and distribution of the Pfizer vaccine in the US.

“We are actively engaging with third-party logistics companies, policymakers, regulators and other industry partners to find ways to strengthen the vaccine cold chain.

We will use our global expertise to address the complexities and challenges of getting these life-saving vaccines to people across India, as we are doing in other regions around the world,” said Kishor Patil, Trane Technologies HVAC & Transport, India & SAARC Country leader.

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