Who should avoid taking the vaccine ? must read

If you belong to any of these categories, you should avoid C-19 vaccination:

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Last Updated on January 18, 2021 by The Health Master

As the nationwide C-19 vaccination drive was kicked off on Saturday, Union Health Minister Dr Harsh Vardhan lists the people who should avoid taking the jab.

The union minister said, someone who had an adverse reaction to a previous C-19 vaccine dose or allergic to any other vaccine, pregnant women and lactating mothers should not take C-19 jabs.

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In a tweet, the health minister said on Friday, for now, if you belong to any of following categories, you should avoid C-19 vaccination:

1. Had a reaction to previous C-19 Vaccine dose.
2. Are allergic to any vaccines, injectable therapies, pharmaceutical products and food items.
3. Pregnant/Suspected Pregnant.
4. Lactating Mothers

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In another tweet, Harsh Vardhan also explains that people who had recently contracted C-19 or had been hospitalised recently (for any illness) should delay taking the jab for 4 to 8 weeks.

And, also he states, C-19 vaccine should not be co-administered with other vaccines. If required, administering of C-19 vaccine and other vaccines should be separated by an interval of at least 14 days.

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