Complaint lodged against Pharmacy Council Registrar

His allegation is that the council has misused about rupees one crore in the last eight years.

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Former president of the Andhra Pradesh Pharmacy Council (APPC) VB Annappa Reddy has lodged complaint with the present president-in-charge of the council against registrar N Ramamoorthy alleging that he has prepared fake voters’ list for the state pharmacy council election.

Reddy, the ex-president of the APPC and the honorary president of Andhra Pradesh Pharmacist Association (APPA), made the allegation that the registrar of the council is violating provisions of the pharmacy act on the advice of a group of officers from the drugs control department and a section of pharmacists. Ramamoorthy was previously working with the drugs control department.

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Further, he says that the registrar is hurriedly preparing for the council election in order to hide misappropriation of funds the council was allegedly doing for the last eight years. His allegation is that the council has misused about rupees one crore in the last eight years.

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According to him, the registrar has prepared a parallel first register of registered pharmacists by including fake names and it was done to help the trade mafia. He informed Pharmabiz that he wanted the registrar to issue the copy of the first register, but refused to share with.

Annappa Reddy alleged that the council registrar is clandestinely helping the pharmaceutical trade mafia in the state with the support of the drugs control department. He said there are about 4,000 pharmacists waiting for renewal of their registrations and their applications are pending with the council. Similarly over 18,000 pharmacists are seeking intra-state transfer. Without giving attention to the genuine official matters, the registrar is indulging in fraudulent activities, he alleges.

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Meanwhile, N Ramamoorthy, the registrar of APPC said Annappa Reddy is currently not a registered pharmacist because on the direction of the government his name was removed from the register of the council. Before doing that, the high court had cancelled his election as president of the council in 2011.

Following the high court order, the state government directed the council to remove his name from the register. In February 2014 Annappa Reddy’s name was removed from the council’s register. Against this step of the government he filed petition in the high court which directed the council to include his name into the register.

The council further sought the opinion of the government which wanted the council to go for appeal in the court. Accordingly, APPC filed appeal petition which is pending with the court now. Since then, he is raising allegations against the council and the registrar, and sending a lot of RTI queries and filing cases, said the registrar.

When asked about the allegation of fake voters list, Ramamoorthy said all the activities of the council are transparent and the list of voters is on the council’s website which can be checked by everyone.

However, he said, if any error or mistake is found there in the list, anyone can point out it to the council, which will be corrected immediately. According to the registrar, Annappa Reddy is raising false allegations as all the activities of the council are online now.

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