Health Parliament urges PM to declare National Health Emergency in the country

In such a situation, there could be an extreme shortage of medicines, equipment and beds

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Last Updated on April 19, 2021 by The Health Master

Health Parliament, a think-tank on evidence-based policy-making, has urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi to declare National Health Emergency in the country considering the gravity of pandemic situation in the wake of C-19 cases all set to touch between 3 and 5 lakhs per day or even more.

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It has strongly recommended to use the clause of compulsory licensing (CL) to start manufacturing patented medicines and also distribute medicines through AMRIT and Jan Aushadi stores, and the e-prescriptions should be allowed to be serviced by postal services and courier, so that we restrict people’s movement and urge them to stay indoors.

Though medicine exports have been stopped, any vaccine export and other related equipment be stopped with immediate effect and time restrictions on shops and establishments and transport be lifted for essential supplies, as per the recommendations.

In such a situation, there could be an extreme shortage of medicines, equipment and beds. The National Health Emergency will give the central government the ability to garner resources and galvanise stakeholders for the necessary steps else the situation may go out of control,” Health Parliament stated in a letter addressed to the PM’s office.

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It has also recommended following steps amongst others like to fund the private sector for catering to the needs of medicine, beds and equipment, calling in the forces (military) to create temporary hospitals using the vast railways and the train network.

Recommendations also include creating synergies with Container Corporation of India (CCI) to explore setting up temporary facilities and order the PSUs in pharmaceuticals and the hospital construction sector to manufacture according to the needs and factor in extra capacity.

“We hope that, given the seriousness of the situation, you will take immediate actions without any further delay. Unprecedented situations call for unprecedented steps. Given your global leadership for the last few years in bringing glory to India and Indians, we all look forward to your guidance and leadership to outlast C-19

We are sure you will take decisive steps without any delay and show the world the path to handle the C-19,” the letter concluded.

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