Digital technologies by Pharma brands can bring down marketing costs

The reduced costs would eventually show up on the prices of drugs and that would greatly contribute to making healthcare affordable.

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Adoption of digital technologies to engage physicians can bring down the marketing costs of pharmaceutical brands substantially, stated Dr Harshit Jain, founder and global CEO, Doceree, which is the first global network of physician-only platforms for programmatic marketing.

The reduced costs would eventually show up on the prices of drugs and that would greatly contribute to making healthcare affordable.

“The C-19 pandemic has brought to the fore a stark inequality that our world is grappling with – the inequality towards accessibility to quality and affordable healthcare. It is ironic that a section of our society still does not have access to health services and quality medications, at a time when notable strides are being made in the field of healthcare across the globe. Quality and affordable healthcare is a basic human right, and to witness such a yawning divide is a lot disheartening,” added Dr Jain.

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The pandemic has also provided us with a solution to tackle the problem. The virus outbreak underscored the importance of digital mediums in healthcare and pharmaceutical industry, which had by far been reluctant to adopting to digital technologies. Digital has huge potential in making quality healthcare accessible and affordable, Dr Jain said.

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“Shortage of doctors is another major concern, and the situation is grim in developing countries. Telehealth platforms multiply the number of doctors by bringing them online. The digital boom can ensure a doctor sitting in a metropolitan city can offer his/her services to someone residing in a far corner of the world where healthcare services are not much evolved. This would to a great extent solve the issue of accessibility to quality healthcare.”

Founded in 2019 by eminent healthcare marketing professionals, Doceree aims to address the problem of rising cost of healthcare by bringing efficiency and effectiveness to physician engagement by using data and creativity. With offices in the US and India, Doceree is the only company in the physician marketing space to be present in two global geographical location.

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