DIPSAR to organize FDP for Pharmacy Colleges

Academic subjects like pharmaceutical chemistry, pharmaceutics, quality assurance, pharmacognosy, pharmacology and biotechnology will have separate sessions in the FDP.

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Following reports of Delta Plus virus, the new variant of coronavirus, surfaced in various places in the country and detection of re-infection in vaccinated people the Delhi Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research (DIPSAR) in New Delhi is convening a panel of eminent scientists, experts in pharmaceutical sciences, researchers and academicians to ponder over ideas for innovating and developing newer drugs to beat any kind of viral infection.

The deliberations of the experts comprise the latest developments in bio-technology and other areas of medical sciences which can be used for the development of newer medicines to fight recurring viral infection.

The discussions of the scientific community are organised in the form of an online faculty development programme (FDP) with assistance and guidance from the All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE). The programme will kick off at 11 am on June 28 and will culminate on July 2, 2021.

Pharmacy, Pharmacist, Medical Store
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Sharing information about the programme, Dr. Saurabh Dahiya, organising secretary and associate professor at DIPSAR, said the FDP is aimed at familiarizing the participants about the latest trends and techniques in usage in the cutting-edge drug engineering processes to yield the best possible pharmaceuticals and aid in treatment modalities

. So far, over 200 faculty members from 150 colleges have registered for participation. He said the program is conducted free of registration fee to attract teachers, researchers and industry professionals. AICTE’s academic and learning cell (ATAL) is giving Rs one lakh to conduct the training programme.

For deliberations, prominence is given to the emerging areas in pharmaceutical sciences, medical sciences, biotechnology, drug development and regulatory aspects. The subjects of discussion include drug development against Covid-19, precision medicine, computer aided drug design, radio-pharmaceuticals, biotechnological development, regulatory and development in herbal medicines.

Academic subjects like pharmaceutical chemistry, pharmaceutics, quality assurance, pharmacognosy, pharmacology and biotechnology will have separate sessions in the FDP.

Dr. Sourabh said special discussion will be organised on the National Education Policy 2020 and on the National Education Council. Further, there will be sessions on stress management, human values and ethics, health and happiness etc. A plan for the FDP has been chalked out under the guidance of Prof K Ramesh Goyal, the vice-chancellor of DPSR University.

The invited speakers include Prof P K Sahoo, director of DIPSAR, Dr Anil K Mishra, director at the Institute of Nuclear Medicine and Allied Sciences (INMAS) under the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO), Dr. Jaiprakash, senior principal scientific officer and Dr. V. Kalaiselvan senior principal scientific officer at the Indian Pharmacopoeia Commission (IPC), Dr. P.L. Sahu, director, National Dope Testing Laboratory (DPTL), Dr. Anil K. Sharma, vice president at AIMIL Pharmaceuticals India Ltd, Dr Valliappan Kannappan, former professor of quality assurance at Annamalai University, Chennai, said Dr. Sourabh.

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