Oxygen plants mandatory for Hospitals above 50 beds: Recommendation

It has also recommended defining oxygen requirements for various categories of hospitals in the revised public health standards.

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The National Council for Clinical Establishments, under the Directorate General of Health Services, Government of India, has made recommendations to ensure availability of oxygen in clinical establishments and hospitals by mandating mini oxygen plants for such facilities with more than 50 beds.

It has also recommended defining oxygen requirements for various categories of hospitals in the revised public health standards.

A meeting of the National Council for Clinical Establishments held recently advised the ministry of health and family welfare (MoHFW) should amend the rules to include in the minimum standards for Hospital, that every hospitals having more than 50 beds should set up mini oxygen plants in a period of one year.

In order to ensure availability of oxygen as per requirement, it recommended that at least one third of total number of beds in a hospital should be oxygen beds and at least 48 hours (preferably 72 hours) of oxygen of the total calculated oxygen requirement of the hospital should be available at any given time, as backup.

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The recommendation comes at a time when the second wave of Covid-19 has seen several incidents where the patients died due to non availability of oxygen.

The Council recommended that every new clinical establishment/hospital having more than 50 beds may be mandated to install mini-oxygen/PSA plants of appropriate capacity and specifications for their registration under Clinical Establishments Act, 2010.

For existing hospitals having more than 50 beds, a time period of six months (desirable) and one year (mandatory) may be given for compliance to the condition of installation of mini-oxygen/PSA plant.

“Accordingly it is recommended that this requirement may be included in minimum standards for Hospitals and a notification in this regard may be considered to be issued by the MoHFW, as amendment to the Clinical Establishments (Central Govt) Rules under the Clinical Establishments Act, 2010,” it said.

The same advice may be disseminated to the States/UTs not covered by the Act for enforcement under the respective State Clinical Establishments Act or Disaster Management Act.

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All small hospitals with 50 beds of less should also build infrastructure and add capacities to meet their oxygen requirement for the services they provide, as per the type of the hospital.

The National Health “Systems Resource Centre (NHRC), while carrying out the revision of Indian Public Health Standards (IPHS), may clearly define oxygen requirements for various categories of hospitals ranging from 50-500 bedded in the revised IPHS guidelines.

Further, NHSRC may define the capacity/specifications of equipment/mini oxygen/PSA plants to meet the oxygen requirement along with ensuring sustained oxygen supply in Government Health Facilities as part of IPHS.

“They may consider defining the standards separately for difficult/remote/inaccessible areas, if deemed necessary,” advised the Council.

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