How to get Hospital registered as RMI

RMI – Recognised Medical Institute. Must read article for Doctors and Chemists

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How to get Hospital registered as RMI
RMI – Recognised Medical Institute

If a Hospital uses the following Essential Narcotics Drugs, the registration is required under Narcotic Drugs & Psychotropic Substance (Third Amendment) Rules, 2015 which has come into force vide Gazette notification GSR 359(E) dated 5th May 2015.

Notified Essential Narcotic Drugs (END)

● Morphine
● Codeine
● Methadone
● Hydrocodone
● Oxycodone
● Fentanyl

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The Hospital is required to get itself registered as Recognized Medical Institute from the State Drugs Controller of the state.

How to obtain registration of RMI

For obtaining registration of Recognized Medical Institute, the list of documents required is provided below.


NDPS: Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances
RMI: Recognized Medical Institute
DMP: Designated Medical Practitioner
RMP: Regd. Medical Practitioner
END: Essential Narcotics Drugs
SDC: State Drugs Controller
ASDC: Asstt. State Drugs Controller
SDCO: Senior Drugs Control Officer
DCO: Drugs Control Officer

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Procedure for how to get Hospital registered as RMI

  1. RMIs shall submit the original application for grant / renewal of Certificate of Recognition as RMI in Form 3F dully filled along with requisite documents to the State Drugs Controller of the state. Copy of the same shall be forwarded to the concerned Asstt. State Drugs Controller / Senior Drugs Control Officer / Drugs Control Officer (as the case may be) of the area.

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Documents required for registration of Hospital as RMI

  1. The application shall be accompanied by:
  2. Covering letter addressed to the SDC signed by the Medical Officer in charge of the RMI.
  3. Application for issue / renewal of Certificate of Recognition as RMI in Form 3F.
  4. Estimate of annual requirement of Essential Narcotic Drugs (END) in Form 3J.
  5. Constitution of RMI
  6. ROC certificate of RMI
  7. List of Directors / Partners with address
  8. Affidavits of Directors / Partners / Proprietor
  9. MoA of RMI
  10. Form-32 of all directors

  1. Partnership deed
  2. BOD Resolution
  3. Authorization letter for In-Charge
  4. Affidavit of In-Charge
  5. Authorization letter for Designated Medical Practitioner (DMP)
  6. Affidavit of DMP
  7. List of Regd. Medical Practitioners (RMP) with Qlf., Regn. No. Mobile No etc.
  8. Self attested copies of Registration and Qualification Certificates of the in-charge / DMP / RMPs of RMI (in case of Fresh RMI application / change in Medical Officer).
  9. Copy of the certificate in proof of pain management training as notified in NDPS Rules (in case of Fresh RMI application / change in Medical Officer).

  1. Storage of END ( Cupboard with double lock system)
  2. Blue print map of the premises.
  3. Ownership / rent / lease deed
  4. Electricity bill of RMI
  5. Pan card of the RMI
  6. Fire safety certificate
  7. Genset
  8. Other medical certificate ( PNDT, MTP etc)
  9. Annual return of procurement / disbursement of END in Form 3-I (in case of Renewal of RMI).
  10. Original of RMI certificate in Form 3G (in case of renewal of RMI).
  11. Details of suppliers from whom the END are procured.

Submit your application to State Drugs Controller / Licensing Authority of your area after completing all the required documents.

Note: Requirements of some of the documents and procedure for submission of application may vary from State to State

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Conditions for RMI:

  1. Certificate of Recognition (RMI) shall be valid for 3 years.
  2. Application for the renewal of RMI shall be made to the SDC at least 60 days before the expiry.
  3. Every RMI shall be liable to periodic inspections by the ASDC / SDCO / DCO authorized by the SDC.
  4. In the event of change in constitution of RMI, the current Recognition shall be deemed to be cancelled if the same is not intimated to the SDC within 90 days of such change.
  5. Change in Medical Officer / change in name of the RMI shall be intimated to the SDC immediately.
  6. Copy of every consignment note of END in Form 3C dully filled and signed by both the consigner and consignee, shall be forwarded to the SDC. Original of the same shall be retained by the RMIs for a period of 2 years from the date of transaction and such records shall be produced before the officer on demand during inspection.

  1. Every RMI shall also maintain a separate record as per Form 3E for each patient and such records shall be retained for period of 2 years from the date of last entry. This record shall be produced before the officer on demand during inspection.
  2. Every RMI shall maintain daily accounts of all receipts and dispensed quantities for each END as per Form 3H, which shall be retained for a period of 2 years from the date of last entry. This record shall be produced before the officer on demand during inspection.
  3. Every RMI shall submit an estimate of its annual requirement of END in Form 3-J by 30th November of the proceeding calendar year to the SDC.
  4. If the disbursement of the END exceeds the estimate of annual requirement in Form 3J, a revised estimate shall be submitted in Form 3J in due course.
  5. Details of suppliers of END other than regular suppliers shall be intimated in due course.
  6. RMIs shall file annual return of procurement / disbursement of essential narcotic drugs for a calendar year on or before 31st of March of the subsequent year in Form 3 I to the SDC.
  7. The Medical Officer in charge of the RMI shall record a brief justification were the annual disbursement is more than 10% of the estimate or revised estimate along with Form 3 I.

To download the checklist, forms and notification in pdf file. Click here

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