DCGI nod for device-aided therapy for Parkinson’s patients

Parkinson’s disease is a movement disorder affecting about 12 lakh people in India


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DCGI nod for device-aided therapy for Parkinson’s patients

Hyderabad: Drug Controller General of India (DCGI) has given licence for new device-aided therapy for Parkinson’s disease.

London-based researchers and Nizam’s Institue of Medical Sciences (NIMS) doctors’ research paper has revealed that personalised treatment could be done with device-aided therapy using wearable sensors in advanced Parkinson’s disease.

Dr Vinod Metta, one of the lead researchers, said, “Parkinson’s disease is a movement disorder affecting about 12 lakh people in India.

Currently, only oral medications are available in India, and they are not effective in treating the symptoms.”

“Oral medications are helpful in the initial years, but as the patient ages, their disease progresses, leaving them crippled and compromising their quality of life.

Technology-driven device-aided therapy with apomorphine medicine given as subcutaneous injections and pumps has been a proven therapy for advanced stages of Parkinson’s disease and been successfully used in the West,” he added.

Multiple studies have demonstrated the high efficiency of apomorphine in treating the motor symptoms of Parkinson’s disease.


Apomorphine is delivered through devices as an intermittent therapy or continuous infusion therapy. Intermittent therapy is delivered using a pen device similar to that of an insulin pen. Continuous therapy is delivered using a pump which is similar to an insulin infusion pump,” Vinod Metta said.

“Apo pen injections works within 6-10 minutes and last for 90 minutes, these can be used as a rescue injections whereas Apo pump with continuous infusion is able to help patients as long as infusion in place, ideally most of the patients were given wakeful hours so that they no need to keep pump overnight,” the researcher said.

Around 40% of current Parkinson’s patients were believed to be eligible for device-aided therapies.

Apomorphine injection & infusion should be considered before even referring Parkinson’s patients to more conventional deep-brain surgeries say experts.

Drug Controller General of India permission was given to Hyderabad-based Celera Pharma Private Limited along with Germany-based EVER Neuro Pharma.

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