Online sale of medicines will promote these issues related to Medicines

It said the online sale of medicine is absolutely in violation of the Drugs and Cosmetics Act, 1940, and Rules, 1945.

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Guwahati: The Joint Action Forum of Pharmaceutical Organisations, comprising chemists and druggists’ associations, raised serious concerns over the online sale of medicines as well as the recent hike in medicine prices.

It said the online sale of medicine is absolutely in violation of the Drugs and Cosmetics Act, 1940, and Rules, 1945.

Considering its effect on society in general, the Delhi High Court in its 2018 ruling clearly asked the government to stop the online sale of medicines, it added.

“The Indian Medical Association (IMA) published a white paper in 2022, which stated that online pharmacies will promote drug abuse, drug misuse, and self-medication.

Any medication taken without the supervision of doctors may be dangerous and even potentially life-threatening,” said the president of the Association of Advanced Pharmacy Practitioners (AAPP), Birendra Kumar Barman.

According to IMA, online pharmacies may misuse personnel and financial information of patients as well as doctors, leading to cases of identity theft and fraud.

Barman said clause 12.1 of Chapter 7 of the Pharmacy Practice Regulation 2015 of the Pharmacy Act, 1948 strictly prohibits advertisements for discounts or commissions on any pharmaceutical product.

“In the online sale of medicines, the practice of offering drugs at a low cost or at discounted prices to lure customers and aiming to finish the existing distribution channel that employs large numbers of employees is rampant,” he added.

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