Gujarat FDCA Cracks Down on Medical Stores: Licenses cancelled

Food and Drugs Control Administration FDCA Gujarat
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Last Updated on June 15, 2024 by The Health Master

Medical Stores

The Gujarat Food and Drug Control Administration (Gujarat FDCA) has taken a significant step towards safeguarding public health by launching a comprehensive crackdown on the illegal drug trade and counterfeit medicines within the state.

This decisive action resulted in the suspension of licenses for 119 Medical Stores and the complete cancellation of licenses for 276 Medical Stores.

Rampant Violations Revealed Through Inspections

The impetus for this initiative came from a series of inspections conducted between January and March 2024, encompassing over 53,000 Medical Stores and wholesalers across Gujarat.

These inspections unearthed a concerning trend: the rampant sale of restricted and prescription medications, including codeine-containing cough syrups.

Additionally, a substantial number of these Medical Stores were found to be operating without the presence of a qualified pharmacist and lacked proper record-keeping practices.

Strong Deterrence and Commitment to Public Safety

Dr. H G Koshia, Commissioner of the Gujarat FDCA, emphasized the significance of these actions:

“The suspensions and cancellations serve as a powerful deterrent to offenders, prioritizing public safety and health.”

“The Gujarat FDCA remains steadfast in its commitment to implementing stringent measures against those involved in the sale of illegal and counterfeit drugs.”

“We are also pursuing legal action within the state to address the manipulation of drug samples.”

This unwavering commitment extends beyond the recent crackdown.

Dr. Koshia highlighted a similar operation conducted in October 2023 in Ahmedabad and Himmatnagar, which successfully exposed a fake drug racket valued at Rs. 55 lakhs.

Dismantling a Sophisticated Network of Counterfeit Drugs

The Gujarat FDCA’s efforts yielded even more impressive results in February 2024.

Through a series of meticulously coordinated raids across multiple cities, the agency seized counterfeit drugs with a staggering market value exceeding Rs. 1.75 crore.

This operation effectively dismantled a sophisticated network responsible for the illegal production and distribution of substandard antibiotics.

The seized counterfeit medications included a wide range of commonly prescribed drugs such as:

Azithromycin tablets,

Cefixime dispersible tablets,

Amoxicillin and potassium clavulanate tablets,


Paracetamol, and

Serratiopeptidase tablets.

Eradicating the Source: Fake Manufacturing Facility Exposed

The crackdown extended even further, leading to the discovery and subsequent seizure of a clandestine manufacturing facility dedicated to producing counterfeit medicines.

This facility was equipped with a comprehensive array of machinery typically used in legitimate pharmaceutical production, including mass mixers, compression machines, coating machines, and packing machines.

Notably, this illegal operation was masquerading under the name and license of a legitimate firm registered in another state.

The Gujarat FDCA’s comprehensive actions send a clear message: the illegal drug trade and counterfeit medicine production will not be tolerated within the state.

These decisive measures serve to safeguard public health and ensure that residents have access to safe and genuine medications.

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