FAQs on Disinfectant (Series-1)

FAQs on Disinfectant (Series-1)

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Here are some FAQs on disinfectant

Q1. Is DDT disinfectant?

Ans: No, it comes under Insecticide.

Q2. Which manufacturing license is required to manufacture hand wash?

Ans: It comes under Cosmetics, so cosmetics manufacturing license is required to manufacture hand wash.

Q3. Which manufacturing license is required for product like cleaning of utensils?

Ans: No such license is required under Drugs and Cosmetics Act for the product like cleaning of utensils liquid

Q4: How many types of disinfectants are available which come under the preview of Drugs and Cosmetics Act?

Ans: As per schedule O of the Drugs and Cosmetics Act, 1940, two types of disinfectants are available i.e.

  1. Black fluid & White fluid. e.g. Phenyl.
  2. Disinfectant fluid made with chemicals. e.g. Harpic.

Note: Disinfectant which is used to disinfect only medical equipments, comes under the category of Disinfectant, as per Medical Devices Rules, 2017 at serial no. 163 under categories of Medical Devices

Q5: Whether sales license is required to sale disinfectant?

Ans: No, Exempted under Schedule K of the Act (As per serial no 12 of Schedule K).

Q6: What is Anti-septic solution?

Ans: Anti-septic solution are drugs for which manufacturing and sale license is required.

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Q7. What is the difference between Anti-Septic and disinfectant?

Ans: For disinfectant, no drugs sales license is required (except used for medical devices) and For anti-septic sale license is required.

Note: Anti-septic solution is to be applied on the living tissue.

Disinfectant is to be applied on the non-living object.

Q8:  Whether disinfectant comes under medical devices which require drugs sales license?

Ans: Yes, however as per draft notification, Govt. is going to exempt such sales condition by amending eight schedule of medical devices.

Q9: Whether hand wash can be used as Germicide?

Ans: No, because hand wash is cosmetic.

Q10 : Can any ayurvedic drug claim it as disinfectant ?

Ans: No, because there is no definition of disinfectant or cosmetics in Ayurvedic.

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  1. Hello Sir,

    I want to start work of disinfecting other people premises with Sod hypochlorite solution… Do i need any kind of special License… I have GST license

  2. No license is required from Food and Drugs Administration for disinfecting process of any premises. If anyone wants to manufacture any item claiming it as “Disinfectant” then manufacturing license on form 25 is required from Food and Drugs Administration.

    • Hi Sir,
      To manufacture Disinfectant fluids under schedule O (example Harpic, Lizol etc), the manufacturer of the product requires Form 25, but does the manufacturer have to ascertain, that the raw material supplier for the product also has Form 25?
      For example if I consider Lizol which contains Benzalkonium Chloride, does the Benzalkonium Chloride supplier also needs to have Form 25?

  3. We want to know the license requirement for manufacturing of Surface disinfectant which include IPA and Ethanol as its ingredients. As per your answers , no sales license is required for disinfectant. But, we have consulted with many experts and according to them drug license is required for the same.

    Can you please enlighten us with your knowledge on the same.

  4. Do we need any license to manufacture air and surface Disinfectants under our cosmetic license. I believe no license is required for sale of Disinfectant. Please clarify

    • You will have to obtain Drugs Manufacturing License for manufacturing of disinfectants. Under Cosmetic Mfg. Lic. ‘disinfectants’ can not be manufactured.

  5. Sir, We have drug and cosmetics licence. And we want to manufacture disinfectant floor cleaner, do we need any other drug licences? Please clarify.


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