Black Fungus: AIIMS to develop Guidelines for treatment

As per the Union health ministry, Mucormycosis or black fungus is a complication caused by a fungal infection

AIIMS Hospital

All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) is developing guidelines to treat black fungus or Mucormycosis, sources said on Tuesday. Cases of black fungus have been reported in the country including Karnataka, Uttarakhand, Telangana, Madhya Pradesh and Bihar.

As per the Union health ministry, Mucormycosis or black fungus is a complication caused by a fungal infection. People catch mucormycosis by coming in contact with the fungal spores in the environment.

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It can also develop on the skin after the fungus enters the skin through a cut, scrape, burn, or other type of skin trauma.

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The disease is being detected among patients who are recovering or have recovered from C-19. Moreover, anyone who is diabetic and whose immune system is not functioning well needs to be on the guard against this, said the ministry.

It further stated that the disease is caused by a set of micro-organisms known as mucormycetes, which are present naturally in the environment, seen mostly in soil and in decaying organic matter like leaves, compost and piles.

It stated that the treatment of C-19 patients involves intake of drugs like dexamethasone, which suppress our immune system response. Due to these factors, Co-19 patients face a renewed risk of failing the battle against attacks mounted by organisms such as mucormycetes.

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