Detox your Skin: Skin fasting is the latest trend

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Last Updated on September 29, 2021 by The Health Master

HYDERABAD:  Just like we detox our bodies regularly, netizens are talking about detoxing facial skin. ‘Skin fasting’ is the latest rage on social media and here’s all you need to know about it. 

It basically means giving your skin a break from the excess use of products and chemicals.

Skin fasting

The talk is that skin fasting works wonders especially if you have suffered damaged skin due to constant use of scrubs, double cleansers, concealers, foundations and serums. Ditch all these for a few days and your skin will bounce back, feeling relieved and rejuvenated. 

However, Dr Divya Siddavaram, a dermatologist who runs Tatva Skin Clinic at Kondapur, adivses not to give up on the basics of skincare – cleansing, moisturising and applying a sunscreen.

“Skin fasting a gen-Z term practiced by a lot of young people, who might or might not know a lot about skincare,” she says. 

But is it good for all skin types? “Basic cleansing and moisturising should not be ignored. You got to remove the excess sebum and keep the skin hydrated.

Apart from this, someone with a skin condition caused by hormonal changes is suggested to continue with their routine to avoid further skin damage,” says Dr Divya.

Beauty influencers, who believe in skin fasting, recommend it to people without any skin-related medical conditions.

Meghna Menon, a social media beauty influencer from Hyderabad who has 10.1k followers on Instagram, says: “My friends practised skin fasting and I could see the difference on their face.

They looked fresher and their skin became healthier over a period of time.”

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