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Fake Medicine

The contemporary challenge confronting society is the proliferation of fake medicine.

To address this issue effectively, it is imperative to grasp the definition of fake medicine as outlined in the Drugs and Cosmetics Act.

Section 17-B of the Act delineates fake medicine, which must be comprehended by all stakeholders.

What is fake Medicine:

  1. Manufactured under another company’s name.
  2. Contains substances other than the prescribed medicine.
  3. Bears the name of a different company at the manufacturing level.
  4. Lacks the specified medicine or contains it in insufficient quantities.
  5. Produced under a company’s name that does not correspond with the actual manufacturer.

Preventive Measures:

Measures for Consumers:

  1. Verify the chemist’s license before purchasing medicine.
  2. Avoid unlicensed medicine vendors and report them to the Food and Drug Administration.
  3. Ensure the seller is a licensed pharmacist.
  4. Obtain a valid bill for purchased medicine.
  5. Verify the medicine’s details on the bill against its packaging.
  6. Seek medical advice post-purchase.
  7. Report any suspicions regarding medicine quality.

Measures for Medicine Sellers:

  1. Source medicine only from licensed manufacturers or wholesalers.
  2. Refrain from purchasing cheap medicines without a bill.
  3. Cross-check details of purchased medicine.
  4. Store medicines appropriately.
  5. Familiarize with security features of medicines.
  6. Conduct all transactions with bills.
  7. Display the license conspicuously.
  8. Sell medicines under pharmacist supervision.

Measures for Drug Administration:

  1. Increase the number of drug inspectors.
  2. Enhance training for drug inspectors.
  3. Exercise caution during sample collection.
  4. Acknowledge inspectors seizing fake medicine.
  5. Upgrade drug testing laboratories.
  6. Foster advanced lab capabilities for fake detection.

Measures for Manufacturers:

  1. Incorporate security features like QR codes in packaging.
  2. Verify medicine sales through representatives.
  3. Establish a brand protection team.
  4. Promptly address complaints about fake medicines.
  5. Safeguard printing materials.
  6. Communicate changes in packaging.
  7. Ensure products meet personal standards.
  8. Regulate machinery sales to licensed manufacturers.
  9. Mandate printer registration.

Implementation of these measures will aid in combating the fake medicine trade, ensuring consumer safety, and preserving public health.

Additionally, incentivizing individuals who report fake medicines while maintaining their anonymity is essential.

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