Why to include Peptides in your Skincare Products ?

Peptides is one such ingredient you won’t want to miss out once you learn about it

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Why to include Peptides in your Skincare Products

Our skincare products are formulated using various ingredients. Some of them are more hype, but some ingredients actually work wonders if formulated and used correctly. Peptides is one such ingredient you won’t want to miss out once you learn about it.

‘Beautiful Skin Comes with Exceptional Skincare’ – Nidhi Gudwani

What are Peptides?

Peptides are chains of amino acids that acts as a building blocks of proteins such as collagen, Elastin & Keratin.

Being the foundation of the skin, these proteins are responsible for its Texture, strength, and resilience. Basically, it signals our body to produce these proteins.

What do peptides do in our skin?

With time our skin’s ability to produce collagen and Elastin fibers starts reducing, it leads to appearance of fine lines, a change in Texture, loss of radiance & Hydration.

Peptides commonly called Tetrapeptides boosts elasticity and firmness of skin.

Applying peptides regularly messages skin to get into rejuvenation mode by producing natural collagen and Elastin fibers.

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Benefits of using Peptides on Skin

Peptides absorbs into skin to signal your cells to get into healing mode. There are several benefits of including peptides in your skincare routine.

1.      Makes skin more Elastic-

Elastin fiber is a form of protein that is responsible for giving structure to the skin. With time its production in our skin reduces leading to skin sagging and wrinkles.

Peptides helps in production of these Elastin Fibers that keeps the skin Elastic, Firm, Toned and Plump.

2.      Reduces Wrinkles and Fine lines-

Peptides messages skin to produce collagen. Collagen helps strengthens skin and makes it firm, this actually makes skin looking toned and plump.

So, it visibly reduces Fine lines, wrinkles and other signs of ageing by plumping and lifting the skin and lips.

3.      Improves Skin Barrier-

Peptides builds a strong barrier with its own line of defense against Environmental Pollution, Smoke, Blue Light, Bacteria, UV Rays etc.

It protects skin getting damaged from various external factors by building strong defense mechanism.

4.      Protects skin Breakouts-

The defense mechanism of Peptides helps in getting rid of bacterial Proliferation. This curbs formation of acne that further leads to blemishes and inflammation.

5.      Make skin Radiant and youthful-

Peptides work in improving overall Texture and strength of skin. It works in a wholistic manner to improve skin’s rejuvenation mechanism. This results in more Radiant and younger looking skin.

Checklist to choose & Use Right Product with Peptides

Pick the right form of Product-

Peptides don’t simply sit on your skin’s surface, rather it penetrates to get into some action to rejuvenate your skin cells.

Use Peptide in stay on skincare products (serums, day or night creams etc.) rather than wash off products (Facewash etc.) as it should stay on your skin to get fully penetrated and get into action.

Name on the label-

Peptides can commonly be seen on the labels as- Tripeptides / Palmitoyl / oligopeptides. Palmitoyl Tripeptide tetra peptides are the most common peptides that has remarkable results and can be used safely.

Other Ingredients along with Peptides In the product-

Peptides works well with ingredients like Hyaluronic acid, Niacinamide, Humectants to encourage penetration.

Don’t choose Product that has exfoliation properties like AHA’s or BHA’s or even vitamin C with Niacinamide combination as it will be harsh on skin and reduce its efficacy.

Regular use is the Key-

Peptide is a magic ingredient but not a miracle. It shows result with regular and proper usage.

Include it in your daily skincare regime to see this magic working. Refer to ‘How to use’ column on the packaging to maintain its efficacy.

So, explore and include Peptides in your skincare regime. If you strategically and correctly use this in your skincare regime you will make the future of your skin more Radiant and young.

‘Beautiful Skin Comes with Exceptional Skincare’Nidhi Gudwani


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