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In an age of increased efficiency and self-management, oral health supplements, or nutraceuticals, are gaining rapid popularity.

Nutraceuticals are diet or oral supplements which aim to deliver a concentrated portion of biologically active components to enhance one’s general health or specific health issues.

Be it a mix for better sleep, immunity boosting, or active lifestyle, these supplements are integral to our diets.

This increased use has led to massive growth in the nutraceutical industry. Read on to find out about the top nutraceuticals trends in 2023.


Studies show that the market for hydration products will greatly increase in the coming years.

It is obvious that the main choice under this category happens to be electrolytes and similar hydration options that also contain other ingredients to promote health.

These hydration products contain vitamins, minerals and essential electrolytes, among others, to allow for optimal hydration and rehydration in the body.

Other added minerals such as chloride and potassium also help in maintaining electrolyte balance within the body.

Greater demand for plant-based protein

If you follow a vegan diet, you may have heard that this type of diet may not give your body the necessary amount of protein.

With an increase in veganism and plant-based diets over the years, alternatives to animal products and plant-based items, especially daily plant-based protein, continue to gain popularity day by day, even in the nutraceuticals industry.

A large number of vegan and plant-based protein powders have been introduced in the market over the past few years, and this market is predicted to face a massive growth by 2025.

Desire for non-pill options

For the past several years, the nutraceuticals industry has been selling supplements in the form of pills.

Due to consumer-preference changes, many non-pill formats of supplements have surfaced, one of the most popular ones being effervescent tablets and gummies.

Effervescent tablets are popular due to the fact that they can be dissolved in water or fruit juice. This means that they often taste better than regular tablets.

Conventional tablets dissolve slowly which can result in reduced absorption rates. Effervescent tablets, in contrast, dissolve quickly and completely, meaning you get the full benefit from the ingredients.

Gummies are a non-intimidating format of consuming supplements, especially if you are new to these products and are overwhelmed by pills and tablets.

Now, with the help of gel, powder and liquid multivitamins and supplements, switch up the way you nourish your body.

Evolution of sports nutrition

Sports nutrition involves consuming supplements such as amino acids and proteins to increase strength for one’s athletic performance.

Nutraceuticals make it easier for one to reach their health goals, achieve quick muscle recovery and increased strength.

With the immense growth in the sports industry over the last few years, the demand for these supplements has increased over time.

Addressing sleep issues

Many people today struggle with good sleep and face chronic issues such as sleeplessness and insomnia. Being linked to other problems such as stress, there can be several reasons behind one’s sleeplessness.

This, in turn, can have other adverse effects such as mental health problems and a weakened immune system.

With the help of nutraceuticals aids, especially melatonin, one can achieve a good night’s sleep. These are available in a variety of forms, such as gummies, drinks, or tablets.

Multifunctional sleep supplements – all-in-one support

Multifunctional sleep supplements help target several goals while also helping one fall asleep. This means that one could find a single product that not only supports sleep routine, but also helps with skin or joint problems.

Unlike regular multivitamins, these supplements work together to help with specific issues, rather than overall wellbeing.

NAC supplement: hard-to-pronounce future favorite for one’s pill box

N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC) is an important supplement for various reasons and will gain a lot of popularity in 2023.

This amino acid not only helps in replenishing glutathione, but also helps with respiratory and fertility issues.

It helps in detoxifying the kidneys and liver, helps strengthen the immune system, and also maintains healthy blood sugar levels.

The Indian urban population has now become health conscious like never before, opening up a market for the massive growth of the nutraceuticals industry in India.

Due to this increase in awareness, these companies and marketers are also constantly coming up with new and unique ways to inform customers about the products and their benefits.

With the industry undertaking new initiatives of their own, we will also see an increase in transparency and greater innovation.

Varun Khanna, co-founder, Fast&Up

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