Mandatory requirements for Blood donation camps

What are the requirements for Blood donation camp

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Mandatory requirements for Blood donation camps

Blood can’t be manufactured

Donate Blood, Save Life

What are the requirements for Blood donation camps

For holding a blood donation camp, the following requirements shall be fulfilled / complied with, namely:-

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(a) Premises under the blood donation camp shall have sufficient area and the location shall be hygienic so as to allow proper operation, maintenance and cleaning.

(b) All information regarding the personnel working, equipment used and facilities available at such a Camp shall be well documented and made available for inspection, if required, and ensuring—

(i) continuous and uninterrupted electrical supply for equipment used in the Camp;

(ii) adequate lighting for all the required activities;

(iii) hand-washing facilities for staff;

(iv) reliable communication system to the central office of the Controller / Organiser of the Camp;

(v) furniture and equipment arranged within the available place;

(vj) refreshment facilities for donors and staff;

(vii) facilities for medical examination of the donors;

(viii) proper disposal of waste.


To collect blood from 50 to 70 donors in about 3 hours or from 100 to 120 donors in 5 hours, the following requirements shall be fulfilled / complied with :-

(i) One Medical Officer and two nurses or phlebotomists for managing 6-8 donor tables;

(ii) two medico social workers;

(iii) three blood bank technicians;

(iv) two attendants;

(v) vehicle having a capacity to seat 8-10 persons, with provision for carriage of donation goods including facilities to conduct a blood donation camp.


1.  BP apparatus.

2. Stethoscope.

3. Blood bags (single, double, triple, quadruple)

4.  Donor questionnaire.

5. Weighing device for donors.

6. Weighing device for blood bags,

7. Artery forceps, scissors.

8. Stripper for blood tubing.

9. Bed sheets, blankets/matress.

10. Lancets, swab stick / tooth picks.

11. Glass slides.

12. Portable Hb meter/copper sulphate.

13. Test tube (big) and 12×100 mm (small)

14. Test tube stand.

15. Anti-A, Anti-B and Anti.AB, Antisera and Anti-D

16. Test tube sealer film.

17.  Medicated adhesive tape.

18. Plastic waste basket

19. Donor cards and refreshment for donors.

20. Emergency medical kit

21. Insulated blood bag containers with provisions for storing between 2 degree centigrade to 10 degree centigrade.

22. Dielectric sealer or portable sealer

23. Needle destroyer (wherever necessary)

Central Govt. has issued notification dated 02-02-2017 regarding organizing Blood Donations camps. Click below for the said notification:


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