NMC’s new Rules ban Doctors from getting gifts from Pharma Companies

This proactive step aims to ensure patient privacy and streamlined access to medical information.

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Regulations for Medical Practitioners

Download: National Medical Commission Registered Medical Practitioner (Professional Conduct) Regulations 2023 Dt 02-08-2023, the link is given below:

NMC introduces stricter Regulations for Medical Practitioners

In a significant move aimed at upholding the integrity and professionalism of medical practitioners, the National Medical Commission (NMC) has issued new regulations pertaining to the conduct of registered medical practitioners.

These regulations, titled “National Medical Commission Registered Medical Practitioner (Professional Conduct) Regulations 2023,” were unveiled on August 2.

The new guidelines encompass a range of directives aimed at ensuring ethical practices and responsible behavior within the medical community.

Key Highlights of the New Regulations:

Prohibition of Gifts and Endorsements:

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The NMC’s regulations unequivocally prohibit registered medical practitioners (RMPs) and their families from receiving any form of gift, cash, travel facilities, hospitality, or access to entertainment from pharmaceutical companies, medical device firms, commercial healthcare establishments, or their representatives.

This is intended to prevent any undue influence on medical decisions and maintain the independence of medical professionals.

The prohibition extends to endorsing drug brands, medicines, or medical equipment.

Prompt Access to Medical Records:

The regulations emphasize the importance of timely access to medical records.

When patients or authorized attendants request medical records from a registered medical practitioner responsible for patient care in a hospital setting, the RMP must acknowledge the request promptly.

Moreover, the documents must be provided within five working days, a significant improvement from the previous provision of 72 days.

The regulations also stress that efforts should be made to expedite access to medical records in cases of medical emergencies.

Digitization of Medical Records:

The NMC’s regulations foresee the digitization of patient medical records for efficient retrieval and enhanced security.

Within three years of the publication of these regulations, registered medical practitioners are required to ensure that their patients’ records are fully digitized.

This digitization process must adhere to the provisions of the IT Act, data protection laws, privacy laws, and any other relevant laws.

This proactive step aims to ensure patient privacy and streamlined access to medical information.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Programs:

To promote continuous learning and professional development, registered medical practitioners are mandated to participate in CPD programs.

RMPs must attend CPD programs regularly, accumulating at least 30 credit hours every five years.

These programs must be conducted by recognized medical colleges, health institutions, or medical societies accredited or authorized by the EMRB/state medical councils.

The earned credit hours will be updated online on the EMRB-NMC website against each RMP’s unique registration number.

Ethical Restrictions on Educational Activities:

The new regulations strictly prohibit registered medical practitioners from engaging in third-party educational activities that involve sponsorships from pharmaceutical companies or the allied health sector.

This measure is intended to maintain the integrity and independence of medical education and prevent any potential conflicts of interest.

Accountability for Action and Professionalism:

Under the regulations, the attending registered medical practitioner bears full accountability for their actions when providing medical care.

The practitioner is entitled to appropriate fees for their services.

The regulations also empower medical practitioners to document and report abusive, unruly, or violent behavior from patients or their relatives.

In such cases, the RMP may refuse to treat the patient and recommend further treatment elsewhere.

Behavior and Substance Use During Duty:

The NMC’s regulations underline the importance of maintaining professionalism at all times.

The use of alcohol or other intoxicants, either during duty hours or off-duty, that could impact the quality of professional practice, is considered misconduct.

This reinforces the need for medical practitioners to uphold high standards of conduct and practice.

Definition of Emergency:

In a notable addition, the term “emergency” is precisely defined in the regulations as a “life and limb saving procedure.”

This clarification enhances understanding and communication between medical practitioners and patients during critical situations.

Accurate Display of Credentials:

Registered medical practitioners are required to display only NMC-recognized and accredited medical degrees and diplomas as suffixes to their names.

This practice ensures transparency and clarity for patients seeking medical services.

International Medical Practitioners’ Clarity:

Medical practitioners qualified abroad and seeking registration after clearing FMGE/NEXT must use NMC-approved equivalent medical prefixes and suffixes.

This measure aids patients and the general public in understanding the qualifications of international medical practitioners.

In summary, the NMC’s new regulations mark a significant stride towards maintaining the highest standards of professionalism, ethics, and patient care within the medical community.

By addressing key areas such as gifts, endorsements, access to records, professional development, and accountability, these guidelines seek to enhance the credibility and integrity of registered medical practitioners while prioritizing patient welfare.

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