India and Pharmacy Education: Chapter: 5

Scope of pharmacy education in India

India and Pharmacy Education
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India and Pharmacy Education: Chapter: 5

Continued……. India and Pharmacy Education: Chapter: 4

I am quite sure readers might be interested that how can one gain an entry into the field of Pharmacy. What are the career options available after courses in Pharmacy? I shall be briefing scope of Pharmacy and different courses available one by one.


Various courses which can be done in the field of Pharmacy Includes Diploma in Pharmacy; (D.Pharm.), Bachelor in Pharmacy (B.Pharm.) Pharm D., D.Pharm (Ayurveda) and B. Pharm. (Ayurveda).

Diploma in pharmacy is a two year course a senior secondary science student can take up. The course is related to knowledge of drugs. It Includes subjects like formulation of drugs, their categories and synthesis.

D Pharmacy is a two year course regarding pharmacy and offers a decent profile and package. It is being offered by large number of Institutes and regulated by Board of Technical Education of the state. However, it is run in the institute approved by Pharmacy Council of India (PCI).

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Registered pharmacist

A diploma holder becomes a registered pharmacist after registration with State Pharmacy Council of the state. He is entitled for pharmacist job in a pharmacy, a government institute or a private hospital. His job profile involves dispensing drugs as per the prescription.

This is fixed hour’s duty and decent job. A pharmacist is trustworthy for the patients. A diploma holder can also opt for higher studies and can take admission in Graduation directly into second year which is called as lateral entry student. Every pharmacy college has few seats fixed for lateral entry students.

A pharmacist can take up government entrance examination to gain an entry into government set up. Alternatively, he can start with his own medical store where he can store and sell medicines.

Pharmacist is next to a medico in drugs knowledge. A pharmacist is the one with whom a patient can talk freely and clear is doubts. The current state of pandemic has created enormous job opportunities for registered pharmacist and they still continue to grow.

To be continued……. India and Pharmacy Education: Chapter: 6

By Dr. Kumud Madan
Author is Associate Professor at Lloyd Institute of Management and Technology (Pharm.) Greater Noida, India

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