When should one start using Anti-Ageing Products?

Ageing happens differently in different people depending on various external conditions

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When should one start using Anti-Ageing Products?

Ageing is inevitable and can’t be altered but ageing gracefully with flawless skin depends on your choice.

Fine lines, sagging, crow’s feet at the corner of the eyes, premature ageing are the common Ageing signs.

Few people start developing these signs in their mid-20s and many don’t have even single sign even in their early 40s. so,

  1. what’s the age when wrinkles actually start appearing?
  2. Can wrinkles come at early age?
  3. Can we delay signs of ageing?
  4. When should I start using Anti-Ageing product?
  5. What is the right Anti-Ageing Regime?

These are the common query of all women. Let’s answer them.

Firstly, Ageing doesn’t occur in one day or a week. It happens with time. Secondly, it happens differently in different people depending on various external conditions.

So, before answering all above questions let’s discuss what are the external factors that affects ageing or causes wrinkles.

The external factors that contribute to skin ageing and wrinkles are:

  • Over Exposure to Pollution
  • Prolonged sun exposure
  • Blue light exposure – long working screen time
  • Dry climatic conditions – dry cold weather
  • Dry Dehydrated skin
  • Transepidermal water loss
  • Negligence towards skincare routine

These are the conditions that we all face but differently. So, the frequency and intensity of harm caused by each factor on our skin decides our skin’s ageing process.

Now, here are the answers to the above questions:

  1. No, there is no fixed age to develop wrinkles it depends upon person’s encounter with above factors.
  2. Yes, presence of above factors can lead to development of early Ageing signs even at young age.
  3. Yes, we can delay the signs of ageing and stop early ageing. This can be done by using right kind of Anti- Ageing products on regular basis in a correct manner.
  4. ‘Earliest is better’. Using Anti- ageing cream at early 20s is the best way out to get a plumper and youthful skin in your 50s.

Applying Anti-Ageing creams not only removes wrinkles but also produces collagen and elastin proteins in the skin which gives plumper, youthful and radiant skin.

There are many skincare companies that cater to provide skin Ageing Products at two age levels:

  • Early Ageing Signs – generally below 40
  • These products focus on removing early signs of ageing like- fine lines, laugh lines, Transepidermal water loss etc.
  • Advance ageing signs – generally 40 and above
  • These products focus on removing intense signs of ageing like – wrinkles, crow’s feet wrinkles, sagging etc.

5. Your Anti-Ageing skincare routine should include:

Cleanser – use any cleanser at least twice a day that is sulfate free and does not dry up the skin. Prefer oil cleanser like oil facewash or cleansing oil or balm as they do not rip off excess oil.

Tone using Face Mist – use any alcohol-free face mist at least twice a day that is specially formulated for Age defying. It will tone the skin penetrating all active ingredients for firmer skin.

Day cream – always use an Age defying Anti-Ageing Day cream in morning as they are light and non-sticky to use. Prefer gel cream-watery texture for a day cream to ensures better penetration of actives and extracts in the skin.

Face Serum – at night use Age defying face serum with peptides, soy fibers and hyaluronic acid to repair and plump the skin surface by producing collagen and elastin fibers.

Night cream – Anti-Ageing night cream locks the actives in the skin by creating a skin barrier. This barrier ensures active repair action in the skin cells throughout the night without losing any crucial ingredient. Apply it daily after serum before going for a beauty sleep.

Exfoliation – scrubbing skin twice a week ensures fresh and radiant skin after removing of dead skin.

Masking – applying a clay mask specially after scrubbing, detoxifies the skin. It also makes the skin appear firm and radiant. Prefer Rhassoul clay mask or Moroccan clay mask as they do not dry the skin excessively.

Hence, there is no fixed age for using an Anti-Ageing cream, just observe your skin’s requirement & proceed. Choose your product wisely and apply regularly following proper regime.

“You are never too old to become younger” -Mae West


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