Pure Rose Water: Benefits and Uses

Rose water is extracted through steam distillation process

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Pure Rose Water

Pure floral water has been taken in use for beauty and medicine since ancient ages. Rose water is one of the most liked used floral water these days. People have acknowledged its numerous benefits and have given it a special place in their skincare regime.

When I was a kid, I used to think that Rose water is the juice of crushed rose petals. But, it’s not true. Applying so much pressure & blending of petals of rose flower for its juice kills the good properties of this delicate flower. Then how is the rose water extracted.

Pure Rose Water

How is Rose Water extracted?

Rose water is extracted through steam distillation process. In this process rose petals are distilled with steam under controlled circumstances & temperature.

All the goodness of petals gets packed in the form of steam, then it is condensed to collect pure rose water drop by drop. Steam distillation is the best & purest form to obtain Rose water. Steam Distilled Rose Water has several benefits.

Benefits of Rose Water

1.     Astringent Properties – Rose water has astringent properties that tones the skin & shrinks the open pores. It removes all the bacteria lying on the skin’s surface resulting in cleaner, clearer & smoother skin.

2.     Soothes Skin – Rose water soothes irritated & inflamed skin. Apply rose water to skin in case of irritation, inflammation or itching. It will soothe & calm the skin. It also helps in reducing puffiness under the eye.

3.     Anti-Ageing Effect – Rose water has antioxidant property that protects skin against oxidation & environmental damage. Regular use of Pure Steam distilled rose water helps in delaying the signs of ageing.

4.     Anti-Bacterial Properties – Rose water is filled with anti-bacterial properties that helps in reducing acne or blemishes causing bacteria. Spraying rose water on face protects against acne. It also soothes & calms irritation, redness, swelling & other discomforts caused due to acne.

5.     Unclogs Pores – Rose water has cleansing property that not only cleanses skin but also unclogs skin pores. It saves skin from breakouts & gives clearer & healthy skin.

6.     Balances Skin’s PH Level – Our skin’s PH level gets disturbed with usage of harsh cleansers & other environmental factors. This makes our skin prone to acne & breakouts. Rose water has Neutral PH. Application of rose water helps in balancing our skin’s PH Level.

7.     Nourishes, Hydrates & Brightens skin – Rose water is nourishing & thus helps skin restore its hydration and lock it inside for nourished, supple and plumper skin surface. It has vitamin C that makes skin bright & radiant with glowy-dewy finish on face.

8.     Calming & Soothing Natural Fragrance – Rose water has very mild natural fragrance of its own that gives calming & soothing feel. Rose water is a good alternative of perfumes for those who are allergic to synthetic perfumes.

Rose water have numerous other benefits. Anything that has multiple benefits must be included in our skincare regime. But, what are the various ways in which we can use them on our skin.

Various Uses of Rose Water

1.      As a Facial Mist Toner – Use rose water as a daily facial mist. This will tone the skin & will help in shrinking open pores. Pour rose water in a spray bottle & spray it to get a refreshed look whenever required.

A spray of rose water on face immediately after a face wash or bath replenishes all the lost moisture from the skin, hydrating it fully.

2.     As a Medium to prepare Ubtans or Face Mask – You can use rose water to prepare paste of Ubtan & Face Mask. This will make the skin moisturized & supple.

Dry Skin – People with dry skin should use rose water in combination with oil & milk to prepare a paste of dry Ubtan or face pack.

Oily Skin – People with oily skin should use rose water in combination with curd & tomato juice to prepare a paste of dry Ubtan or face pack.

3.      As a Mild Body Mist – You can use Rose Water as a body mist spray to get its mild aroma & replace hash synthetic perfumes. Roses have phenolic in them. It helps in soothing & relaxing mind with its magical soft aroma.

4.      As a Makeup Base Hydrator – You can use Rose water as a Hydrator spray before makeup on dull- dehydrated skin. It will instantly give a moist dewy look on face refreshing & plumping it naturally.

5.      As a Blender for foundation or concealer – A spray of rose water melts down the stubborn foundation or concealer that is sometimes hard to blend. This helps in efficient & smooth blending of makeup base on the face that gives natural finish with hydrated skin.

6.      As a skin soother – Sometimes our skin feels inflamed with a mosquito or insect bite. After applying ointment, spray rose water over it. This will calm the inflammation & soothe the irritation & itching also.

Rose Water with its multiple benefits makes it a must-have in everyone’s vanity. Due to its high cost, we mostly find the cheap versions of rose water which are merely its dupe & not the pure ones. Just be aware of ‘how to source it’.

One way is that you look for Pure Steam Distilled Rose Water on the label. Another way is to look for an organic certified Rose water.

“Even the costliest perfume in the world cannot match the true essence of a real flower.” –NIDHI GUDWANI


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