Oil cleansers: Everything you need to know about this innovation

On splashing water all the dirt & oil gets rinsed with the water loving end, leaving the surface (skin) clean.

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Oil cleansers: Everything you need to know about this innovation

A Trending cleansing product that’s all over the place- a must have in your personal care collection


As we all know that all the cleansing products contains No or very less percentage of oil. They are made oil free to ensure proper cleansing action on our skin. They contain surfactants that has both oil & water loving ends.

Dirt & oil from the skin gets attracted to the oil loving ends & eventually gets suspended to the water loving end.

On splashing water, all the dirt and oil gets rinsed with the water loving end, leaving the surface (skin) clean.

Why do cleaning products contain “no” or “very less” oil?

As discussed above, the oil loving end (hydrophobic) attracts oil/dirt/pollutant toward it and suspends it to the water loving end (hydrophilic) to complete the cleansing action.

If we add too much oil in the cleansing product while formulating, the oil loving end will get busy in attracting the oils from its own formula and won’t have enough space left to attract & bind oil or dirt from the skin.

So, its important to leave space in formula of a cleanser to attract enough oil. This is done by making the formula Oil Free or with tiny percentage of oil. This is what we are told since ages.

Innovators in the field of cleaning

Cleansing products contain no or very less oil that its presence hardly provides any visual benefits. Its added only for marketing claims.

But not anymore as our Personal care industry is evolving everyday to bring out the best innovations that provide incredible benefits.

Oil cleansers is one of these remarkable innovations.

What are oil cleaners?

Cleansing oil as the name suggests are the oils that cleanses the surface (face, body etc.). They have specially innovated oil-based surfactants in them that performs the cleansing action.

On application, it traps all the oil/ dirt/ grim/ pollutants/ stubborn water-proof makeup from the skin. Once water is splashed it turns cleanser into milky water rinsing away all the unwanted impurities from the skin.

Oil cleanser = Oil surfactant + Emollients + Natural oils

Now, cleansing the face with oil cleanser is becoming very popular. It has turned out to be a great innovative product to gently remove makeup & clean dirt from the skin.

Forms of Oil Cleansers

Oil Cleansers are available in different forms in the market. They can be used to Facewash, Body wash or for makeup cleansing. You can buy them in different forms like –

  • Cleansing Balms
  • Cleansing Oils
  • In shower oil
  • Cleansing oil gels etc.

How oil cleansers are different from traditional cleansers

As discussed above oil cleansers are different from traditional cleansers. Let’s discuss this difference in detail –

1.ExamplesFacewash gel, bath gel, handwash etc.Cleansing balm, In-shower oil, cleansing oil etc.
3.FoamForms dense foam.Very little or no lather.
4.Rinse ActionRinse out like Foamy water.Rinse out like Milky water.
5.Cleansing ActionStrong.Mild.
6.After FeelDry after feel (requires conditioning agents for softer after feel).Soft & nourished after feel.
7.Effect on Skin’s Natural BarrierMay or may not strip skin’s natural moisture barrier.Maintain skin’s natural moisture barrier.

Benefits of using oil cleaners

  • Oil cleanser maintains the natural lipid layer of the skin that helps in sealing the hydration in the epidermis. It also protects the skin from losing the good bacteria that live on the epidermis.
  • It helps in easy removal of every bit of makeup from the face, including stubborn pigments or water proof makeup like mascara etc.
  • It leaves a soft, supple, and silky feeling on the skin.
  • It has the goodness of all the natural oils that help in skin nourishment.
  • It’s a blessing for people with dry skin as it doesn’t leave their skin dry and stretchy.
  • An oil cleanser like cleansing oil or cleansing balm can clean the face hassle free with the help of a damp makeup removing pad (that’s my new favorite too). No need to look around for a wash basin and lots of water to clean your face. Bingo!! It saves water too!!!

Points to remember while using Oil Cleaners

  1. Always apply cleansing oils before getting drenched in water. Do not apply oil cleansers on wet body or face as it immediately turns into milk as it comes in contact with water.
  2. Oil cleansers do not form lather. Rather they turn into creamy milk while rinsing with water.
  3. Oil cleansers are in oily texture but don’t forget that they do contain oil-based surfactants, so they do sting in eyes like any other cleanser.
  4. Although it’s in oil form but you need to apply extra moisturization to seal the hydration if you have extra dry skin.
  5. Do not mix any cleanser with traditional gel cleansers as it will spoil the cleansing properties of both.
  6. Always do a patch test before adding any new product to your personal care collection.
  7. Always read the packaging label for any caution & how to use.

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