Face serums – introduction & benefits of using face serum: Part 2

But does that mean that they will show result immediately after application? Answer cannot be a simple ‘YES’ or ‘NO’.

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Efficacy & how to choose your serum


Continued …. Face serums – introduction & benefits of using face serum: Part 1

In PART 1 of this article, we discussed – what is a Face Serum? What are ACTIVE Ingredients? Different benefits of using a Face serum. How to include them in skincare regime?

Now in PART 2 we will discuss following things about Face serums:

  • How long will they take to show effect?
  • What are the points to be kept in mind while choosing a Face Serum for yourself?
  • Why they are expensive? Should it replaced with night cream or other moisturizers ?

How long a face serum take to show results?

Face Serums are formulated specially to target specific skin concerns. They contain smaller molecular size ingredients that takes less time to penetrate the skin.

But does that mean that they will show result immediately after application? Answer cannot be a simple ‘YES’ or ‘NO’.

Various benefits like – moisturization, hydration, flakiness, dullness, radiance etc. takes lesser time to appear on application of a serum. They can be seen immediately after single application.

whereas, intense skin concerns like – wrinkles, dark circles, hyperpigmentation, acne etc takes time to show result which may vary from product to product.

Which ingredient in a serum decides its efficacy & timeline for effects to start appear on the skin? Efficacy of a serum & time required to show effect on a particular concern totally depends upon the efficacy of the active ingredient added in it & its base formulation.

While choosing a serum do check that what claim a company is giving & how much time it will take to appear.

For example – Efficacy of a particular product is often written as – This Face Serum contains active ingredient ‘Wonder lite’(imaginary name) which is clinically proven to brighten skin in 36 days after regular application.

Why are face serum expensive?

The active ingredients present in the face serums are expensive. Presence of such expensive ingredients in high percentage is the reason for its high price.

But this price is worth paying if you get a product that perfectly suits your skin’s requirement. Buying good skincare products can save a lot by spending less in makeup after all.

Can we replace serum with simple moisturizer or cream?

As we know that serums are heavy on the pocket. So will it be good to replace them with any moisturizer or cream? The answer is a simple ‘NO’.

Serums have higher percentage of humectants, active ingredients & penetrators to reap quick & effective results.

A simple moisturizers or creams will be a good product to lock serum in the skin but do not have that much strength to provide intense solution to different skin concerns.

Following are the points we should keep in mind while choosing a face serum

Now we know that Face serum is really a must have product for everyone due to its good efficacy & light texture. But what are the various check points before choosing a perfect serum for yourself?

Focus On Skin Concern

Choose a serum that mainly targets on the skin care that you wish to target & solve. Always read the label & try to buy a serum that focus on your main skin concern.

If you have a problem of oily skin with breakouts you should use a serum that focus on problems related with that like- breakouts, open pores, sebum control, controls bacterial proliferation etc.

Your Skin Type Is Important

Although face serums are thin & light weight but they come in different base & texture. Always choose a one that suits your skin type.

If you have a dry or mature skin always go for a light emulsion-based serum with humectants, whereas if you have oily or combination skin choose a serum that is gel based.

Choosing a right base for the serum ensures better & fast results on application as your skin will get what it actually needs.

Check The Efficacy Data or Information

Before buying a serum check its efficacy data or claims made by the company. As discussed above check that how much days will it require to show effect.

Active ingredients present in the serum should be there for effectiveness rather than for mare market strategy. Find instruction related to that on the label or with product information.

For example – Contains ‘Sodium hyaluronate’ that is clinically proven to softens & hydrate skin instantly & stays even after washing face.

So, here three points must be taken care of which is –

  • Instant result.
  • Hydrates & Softens skin.
  • Stays even after washing face

Choose Wisely & Read the Ingredient Information

Products with same ingredients may differ in efficacy & feel. Few ingredients with same nae but different chemical structure make the end product different.

So, a hyaluronic acid serum that you were using of one brand may be different from another brand just because they are different in molecular size.

For example – sodium hyaluronate comes in different molecular size. High molecule size sodium hyaluronate will give hydration & suppleness to the skin where as the one with Low Molecular size will not only benefit with Hydration but also solve concerns like wrinkles, sagging etc as it will plump the skin.

Focus On Target but Keep in Mind Other Concerns Too

A good face serum should have ingredients that not only focus on target concern but other concerns related to that too.

For example- a serum for fine lines & wrinkles should also improve the skin’s elasticity, hydration & hyperpigmentation so along with minimizing the signs ageing but various issues that comes along with it.

Don’t Be a Copy Cat

Never buy any skincare product just because it is recommended by someone as your skin requirement may differ.

Always read the label for product details, benefits, ingredients, efficacy etc. Choose, think & check before buying.

‘Face serum is a magical product that targets your skin’s concern if applied properly.’


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